Webinar series

Webinar Series: No 1

Keep the faith: Progress in developing commercially viable CMD resistant varieties for Asia

Friday 14th August 9-10:30am (Bangkok-Hanoi-Vientiane)/ (Thursday 13th August 9pm (Cali))


10:05am Discussion (25mins)

The webinar provides an update on progress to date from Thailand (Kasetsart University); Vietnam (Agricultural Genetic Institute) and the activities of the CIAT and partners in the region.

Spreader row in TayNinh clearly ilustrates the power of genetics
Not the same – but great to catch-up and share progress with the dedicated teams of scientists and parterns from accross the region.
Youtube link to Webinar 1

Webinar Series: No 2

Developing a sustainable cassava seed system through rapid multiplication technologies

Thursday 24th September 8:30-10:00am (Bangkok-Hanoi-Vientiane)/Wednesday 23th September 8:30pm (Cali))

9:35am – Reflection from CIAT Colombia – Roosevelt Escobar (CIAT Seed System Specialist)

9:45am Discussion

Recording of webinar 2 accessible via youtube above
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