Agronomy for seed production

Objective: Optimize agronomic practices (variety, density, fertilizer) for the economic production of both cassava roots and clean planting material in different agro-ecological and value chain contexts for the development of sustainable farmer seed producers.

Agronomic and economic analysis of field level multiplication will initially occur on station in Vietnam (Hung Loc), Lao PDR (Napok) and Cambodia (Chamkar Leu). Treatments will include planting density, fertiliser use, planting and harvest date, and irrigation. The trials will evaluate the trade-offs between root production and the speed and amount of stems produced.

Production of both cassava roots and clean planting material will subsequently be tested on-farm in different agro-ecological and value chain contexts.

Demonstrations on farmer’s fields will target lead farmers or farmer entrepreneurs either currently or looking to be engaged in the value chain for cassava stems or roots. Harvest field days will be organised involving farmers, value chain actors, government, and partner NGOs and international organisations. The rate of infection and asymptomatic infection will be monitored through visual assessment, PCR analysis, and the in-field diagnostics test developed in objective 3.4.

Variety, irrigation, harvest date trial in Vientiane, Lao PDR
Fertiliser trial with clean stems in Stung Treng (2019)
Roughing CMD infected plant in Stung Treng, Cambodia
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