Rapid multiplication

Objective: Develop and evaluate rapid multiplication models and strategies for the effective and efficient production of clean seeds and rapid dissemination of new varieties through the seed system.

Tunnel system

Mini-sets and immature cuttings

Tunnel system advantages:

  • Greatly shortens time to increase available planting material
  • Increases annual multiplication rate through use of miniset and immature cuttings
  • Could implement a QC program
  • Tunnel system can support releases of new planting material

Required infrastructure:

  • Centralized greenhouse for mother plants
  • Set of 4 multiplication tunnels
  • Electric/solar power, water supply
  • 8 staff & manager
  • 10 ha fields for first round multiplication (pre-basic seeds)

Building a cassava rapid multiplication tunnel

Construction manuals

Videos of the Tunnel and Jiffy System used in CIAT-HQ

Rapid multiplication using Jiffy Pellets
Rapid multiplication and the tunnel system
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