Developing new disease resistance and commercially viable cassava varieties

Enhance the capacity and collaboration between breeding programs in mainland Southeast Asia to develop new product profiles for commercially viable cassava varieties by identifying and incorporating known and novel sources of resistance to Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD) and Cassava Witches Broom Disease (CWBD) into national breeding programs.

TitlePresenterPresentationYoutube Recording
Overview of Objective 2 – BreedingDr Xiaofei Zhang
CIAT – Colombia
Update of Disease Resistance Breeding at HLARCNhạn Phạm ThịPresentationYouTube
Breeding and seed system activities at AGILê Ngọc TuấnPresentationYouTube
CMD resistant breeding activities from KU – TTDIDr Chalermpol Phumichai PresentationYouTube
ZMI93: A SLCMD resistant varietyProf Songbi ChenPresentationYouTube

Summary Presentation

Hung Loc Agriculture Research Center

Agricultural Research Institute


Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences

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