Inception meeting

Day 1 – Country disease status and activity updates

9:00 Welcome NAFRI – Dr. Chantsamone Phongoudome (DDG)
ACIAR – Howard Hall (RPM Agribusiness)
CIAT – Joe Tohme (Ag-Biodiversity Program Leader)
9:30 Project Introduction – Establishing sustainable solutions to cassava disease in SEA Dr Jonathan Newby (CIAT-Project leader)  

Session II – Disease status in SE Asia     Chair: Dr Lê Huy Hàm

10:30 Vietnam status update PPRI – Dr. Trinh Xuan Hoat  
10:50 Cambodia status update GDA – Dr. Ny Vuthy  
11:10 Thailand status update DOA – Dr. Prapit Wongtiem
11:40 Lao PDR status update PPC – Ms Khonesavanh Chittarath
1:00 China status update CATAS – Songbi Chen  
1:20 Myanmar status update   DAR – Thet Yee Khaing
1:40 Questions and Panel Discussion Chair: Wilmer Cuellar
2:00 Industry and government Panel Chair: Jonathan Newby
TTSA  – Mr Anuwat Ruthaiyanont
TTDI – Prof. Chareinsuk Rojanaridpiched
AGI – Dr Lê Huy Hàm  

Session III – Breeding and screening activities  Chair: Dr Eric Huttner (ACIAR)

3:30 CIATs Cassava Breeding Approach to solve the CMD outbreak in SEA Dr Augusto Becerra – CIAT  
3:50 CAVAC trials in Cambodia
Effect of CMD on cassava root yield
Dr Imran Malik – CIAT  
4:10 Screening in Vietnam by HLRC-CIAT HLRC – Miss Pham Thi Nhan  
4:30 Screening by AGI in Vietnam AGI – Nguyễn Anh Vũ
4:50 Breeding activities in Thailand KU-TTDI – Assoc. Dr. Chalermpol  Phumichai  
5:10 Breeding and screening activities in China CATAS – Songbi Chen

Day 2 – Field trip and planning

Session IV – Diagnostics, monitoring and survillence Chair: Dr Sarina Macdafyen (ACIAR)

9:00       Status with development of diagnostic droid UQ – Jimmy Botella
9:30 Modeling CMD for real-time decision making and intervention University of Florida – Kelsey Andersen
9:50 RTB response to transboundary and emerging diseases Wilmer Cuellar/
James Legg
10:30 Panel Q&A
11:00 Coffee
11:20 Rapid multiplication systems in the greater Mekong subregion Roosevelt Escobar and Erik Delaquis
11:40 Applying a gender lens to the project activities CIAT – Vanya Slavchevska
12:00 – 1pm Lunch
1:00 – 3pm (2 hours)   Objective planning for the timing of activities, budget required, location. Impact pathway Jonathan Newby
Augusto Becerra
Wilmer Cuellar
Imran Malik
3:00-3:20 Coffee
3:20 – 5:30       Field visit Napok Research Centre
6:30 Drinks and Dinner Rashmi Hotel
Visit to NAFRI field station

Day 3 – Planning for operationalising 2019-2020 activities

8:00 Registration  
8:30 Report back from Day 2 planning 10min presentation +
5 min Q&A per group  
9:30 Introduction to the sister TR4 project – An Integrated Management Response to the spread of Fusarium wilt of Banana in South-East Asia Tony Pattison
9:40 Rotation 1 1 & 3 2 & 4
10:20 (20mins) Coffee  
10:40 Rotation 2 1&4 2&3
11:20 Rotation 3 1&2 3&4
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 – 3:30pm Finalise Year 1 planning     Obj 1 – Household survey
Obj 2 – Transfer of genetic material/what where
Obj 3 – Surveillance protocol
Obj 4 – Rapid multiplication
3:30 Coffee  
4:00 Report back 10 mins per group
4:40-5pm Closing remarks and next steps ACIAR CIAT

Field visit to TTDI

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